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AARE (Accredited Auctioneer, Real Estate) The professional designation awarded by the Auction Marketing Institute, Inc. to qualified real estate auctioneers who meet the educational and experie...

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Grab the Auction Opportunity

No Longer A Last Resort by THOMAS SATURLEY, CAI, AARE Auction Properties, Ltd. Portland, ME Across the country, real estate professionals are increasingly turning to the auction as a winning marke...

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What Properties Are Suited for Auction?

Ever wonder how you can tell if a property is well suited to auction? Think of your listing, then take the Two-Thirds Rule test! Q. What properties are suitable for Auction? A. Most properties are sa...

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What Factors Impact the Success of a Real Estate Auction?

What Factors Impact the Success of a Real Estate Auction? Auctions Are Often Thought of as "Fire Sales" For Properties in Distress. Is this True? Until recently, real estate auctions, unli...

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Types of Auctions

Q. What are the different types of Real Estate Auctions available to me? A. Essentially there are three types of auctions: 1. Absolute Auction (or auction without reserve) 1. The property is sold to...

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The Boutique Experience

JK Real Estate Group offers a boutique experience to clients seeking superior customer service. We measure our success through happy customers. Our small, but well-vetted team of experienced agents focuses on quality over quantity, providing a red carpet experience to each of our clients.

Customer First Approach

To ensure our seller’s listings stand out, our team helps customize each with full, purposeful descriptions and enticing photography. In order to best exceed our buyers expectations, we combine our exceptional listening skills and knowledge of the community to show the right listings - and provide hands-on attention to each closing.

History of JK Real Estate Group

In 2014 Cory G. Johnson and his father, Kelley Johnson, transformed the 20-year Hillcrest Properties, Inc. Real Estate Co. to Johnson Realty Group. Jen Kronenberger joined the company the following year and became a partner in 2016. In 2017, Johnson Realty Group was rebranded as JK Real Estate Group.

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